Takeshi Yasuda

The story of Takeshi Yasuda’s relationship with that “magical material”, mud, is a story that spans over five decades and one which has taken Takeshi Yasuda on a ground breaking journey across the globe from Japan, to the United Kingdom, to China.

Riding the 1960’s wave of experimental pottery techniques, Takeshi Yasuda trained and emerged as one of the new generation of potters in Mashiko, Japan – a generation that was prepared to experiment with surface and glaze effects, as well as developing more abstract forms. The atmosphere in Mashiko, at that time, was charged with creativity, excitement and possibility. It was that same charged atmosphere that drew Takeshi Yasuda to Jingdezhen, formerly the porcelain capital of China, almost forty years later and that has lead him to experiment and work with celadon-glazed porcelain, resulting in the creation of some breathtaking work.

With a legacy of heavy weight exhibitions under his belt, including at the V&A and for the Craft Council London, Takeshi Yasuda has also taught at various universities and arts schools in the United Kingdom.

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