Paloma Sanchez

Referred to as the female “Indiana Jones” of the gemstone world, Paloma Sanchez designs exquisite, one of a kind pieces from personally sourced, specimen quality gemstones and has more recently, created Loop and Marina by Paloma Sanchez, strikingly beautiful, younger collections. The quest for unique gemstones has taken Paloma across the globe, from the mines of Asia, via Africa to the Americas.

As a G.I.A qualified gemologist, Paloma Sanchez is recognised as one of the thirty best jewellery designers in the world and featured in “The Unique Book, The Best Jewellery Designers” launched at the World Watch and Jewellery Fair 2013, Baselworld; she has already cemented her reputation internationally with her work featuring in Vogue UK, Toronto and Vancouver Fashion Weeks, and Gemasolar, Seville.

Paloma Sanchez currently works with women in both Tanzania and Ethiopia, who have been abandoned by their miner husbands/partners, to establish gemstone cutting cooperatives. The cooperatives provide the means by which the women can trade with gemstone buyers directly, including Paloma – and allow the women to financially support both themselves and their families.

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