Naoto Tanii
Beautiful cups

Delicate tinkling music can be heard resonating from the pots in Naoto Tanii’s studio – a sound so subtle that one must lean in close to the pots to hear their whispered music. It is a music born from the cooling and cracking of the pots’ glaze following the firing process. Exhausted in their music, Naoto Tanii carefully brushes charcoal or black tea into the newly formed cracks to create a wonderful grey and cream mottled aesthetic on the final glaze.

Born and raised in Shigaraki, a town in Japan famed for its ceramics since the medieval period, Naoto Tanii, has, like his brothers, followed in his parents’ footsteps as a potter. He sources local Shigaraki clay, a sandy clay with a warm orange hue from Lake Biwa, together with Nara clay for his pots.

Naoto Tanii’s pots are pots of refined simplicity and function to be filled with seasonal flavours – but above all they are the pots of whispered music.

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