Keith Shorrock

Developed over two hundred years ago by the Shakers (a branch of the Quakers) in America, Shaker boxes were the tupperware of their day – and reflect perfectly, the Shakers’ belief in the concepts of utility and simplicity. Keith Shorrock, now skillfully handcrafts these beautiful, iconic Shaker boxes in a corner of the Lake District.

Using a variety of wood, including, oak, elm, cherry, maple, bur ash and sapele, Keith cuts the wood to size and shapes the “fingers”. The wooden boards, which form the walls are soaked in cold water and steamed until they are pliable enough to be molded. Once bent, the box’s walls are secured in place with copper tacks. After drying, each Shaker box is fitted with its lid and base, which are pegged in place with dry dowels. Following this, all the boxes are sanded and oiled. Each set of Shaker boxes take Keith two days to make.

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