Kazumi Kinoshita

Kazumi Kinoshita hand throws wonderfully delicate and refined works. Stemming from a desire to train as a blacksmith, she is drawn to the use of metallic and black glazes in her works – the glazes have almost a silky feel when touched; Kazumi also creates beautiful, clean, futuristic, white forms.

Kazumi Kinoshita’s studio is nestled in a quiet corner of Kamigamo, Kyoto, Japan, next to the Kami River. As a larger than life character, with a beautiful ready smile, Kazumi built the studio herself, laying both the concrete foundations and the brickwork. Kazumi often listens to ghost stories while she works in her studio and will sometimes draw on these for inspiration – Kazumi laughs and smiles as she imparts this last piece of information to Story HH.

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