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01 December, 2015

Story HH has picked out its favourites for the winter season from the Story HH collection – from sumptuous holly green platters, to deliciously warm blankets, to cups of “whispered music”.

Hand thrown by Japanese potter, Taira Kuroki, the Oribe range in rich holly greens, make stunning unique and sumptuous additions to any festive table. See: large Oribe green plattersmall Oribe green bowl; and rectangular Oribe green platter.

Sarah Tyssen artfully weaves magic into a rich muted palette on her 16 shaft Louet Magado loom, producing limited edition blanket designs, wonderfully reminiscent of the Arts and Craft era. Cosy up from winter’s chill under one of Sarah Tyssen’s strikingly beautiful and deliciously warm blankets.

Hand thrown by Japanese potter, Naoto Tanii, this exquisite cup forms part of the “Whispering Music” range. As the glaze cools and cracks on the pots in Naoto’s studio, a tinkling sound or “whispered music” fills the air. To achieve the wonderful grey and cream mottled aesthetic on the glaze, Naoto carefully brushes black tea into the cracks before firing the cup for a second time. Fill this cup with seasonal flavours – spiced mulled wine, exotic Christmas tea or luxuriously blended coffee.

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