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Happy Chinese New Year

11 February, 2016


With this week marking the start of the Chinese Lunar Year, STORY HH would like to wish you all, 新年好 “xīnnián hao”! Happy Chinese New Year of the Monkey!

Having spent the last six years living in Beijing, STORY HH founder, Heather Heys, has been fortunate enough to celebrate a number of Chinese New Years. Heather observes, “At Chinese New Year, a large part of the population goes on the move as billions of people make the annual pilgrimage home. Chinese New Year is very much about families enjoying time and good food together.

PicMonkey Collage

During the Chinese New Year period, lion dances are extremely popular. For this, the lions dance and rear their heads through the streets in a whirlwind of colour and noise. The lions “graze” on vegetables and red packets of lucky money hung on the doors of local businesses enroute – a sign that the lions, a symbol of strength and courage, have given their blessing to such businesses.

To mark STORY HH’s special bond with China, STORY HH is currently developing a stunning collection of “Guangdong Silk” scarves, as well as working with a number of extraordinary China based makers.



IMGs2blognl TEXTDating from the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644), “Guangdong Silk” (“香云纱 xiāng yún shā” literally meaning “fragrant cloud organdy”), is produced by hand in Guangdong Province, China using age-old methods. Dyed repeatedly, covered with river sand to create its wonderfully unique, almost leathery sheen, this exquisite silk is finally washed with tea. The STORY HH Guangdong Silk Scarf Collection is currently being sourced, designed and made by STORY HH and will be available at STORY HH later this year.



 Already enjoying large critical acclaim in China for his work, Huang Youbin creates exceptionally beautiful, life like sculptures of birds. In each of his sculptures, Huang shows an extraordinary ability to capture the essence and character of a bird in clay – the result of Huang’s fascination with and observation of birds from an early age. STORY HH first came across Huang Youbin’s work, quite by chance, some years ago in Beijing. From Beijing, STORY HH was able to track down to and subsequently visit Huang Youbin in Jingdezhen, the former porcelain capital of China. Huang Youbin’s works will also be available at STORY HH later this year.

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