Showcasing a stunning collection of products and gifts, STORY HH is an online gallery seeking to promote the luxury of craftsmanship and design through the uniques works and stories of its makers.

The search for extraordinary makers, their works and their stories takes STORY HH all over the world.  From drinking coffee over a wood burning stove with Takeshi Yasuda in Jingdezhen, the old porcelain capital of China, to sharing seafood with potters, Katsuya Hattori and Tomoko Murayama in a former silk worm farm in Japan, to the Lake District Fells, STORY HH spends time with each of its makers, listening to their stories. It is the unique stories of each of the makers that is really at the heart of the Story HH concept.

The makers’ stories bear testimony to a real passion for their craft, to their exceptional skill, to their desire to marry beauty with functionality, to their relationship with the raw materials and to the luxury of craftsmanship and design. STORY HH works alongside the makers in the creation of limited edition collections and exclusive collaborations.